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Learning Gun Safety with Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns can be an excellent activity for children, not only as a game that they can play with their friends, but also as a teaching tool for dealing with guns in the future, and gun safety. Any type of gun, play or real, needs to be treated with respect with the same outline of gun safety rules for use. There are only a few simple guidelines for gun safety that anyone who will be playing with airsoft guns needs to understand. While airsoft guns are not fatal, these guidelines can prevent a painful injury. Here is a short list of gun safety standards which should be used with airsoft guns as well.

Never Point Your Weapon at Anything You Don't Want to Shoot

This is a very important rule to follow when handling guns of any kind. I understand that the point airsoft games and airsoft wars is too shoot each other, but when you're not playing the game, don't point it where you don't intend to shoot it. Always assume that your gun is loaded and could fire at any time. If you keep that thought on the front of your mind, you won't point your airsoft gun at someone it could really hurt.

Keep Your Finger off the Trigger!

This airsoft gun safety rule is another important one when learning the rules of gun safety. If you're playing with your airsoft gun with your finger on the trigger, you're not typically paying attention to how much pressure you are putting on the trigger. If you're not paying attention to how much pressure you're putting on the trigger, it is much easier to pull it without attending to. Keeping yourself from firing the gun unintentionally could totally prevent an accident from happening. Accidental discharge can easily be avoided by keeping your finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.

Be Certain of Your Target

If you are going to be doing target practice, be very careful about what you're going to be shooting at. Look at the environment around your target to make sure you don't hit someone unintentionally or anything else you're not intending on hitting. Also, be sure that you won't hit everything you aim for, so be careful what you may hit if you miss your target.

Knowing these few simple guidelines for gun safety can certainly keep you and everyone else around you safe while you are shooting. Again, while airsoft guns are not fatal, you do need to be careful when handling them so that you don't accidentally shoot yourself. If you shoot yourself point blank with an airsoft gun, it will definitely hurt, but if you learn and follow these simple safety guidelines, you can enjoy your airsoft gun pain-free for years to come.


Bullet Reloading Supplies: An Ammunition Overview

For many of us who own guns we naturally know how to reload them. At least, one would hope we do. It's a pertinent part of owning a gun and getting into the hobby itself, whether you are shooting at a range, a hunter, or even just for self-defense. No matter what the case for you owning a weapon or taking interesting in a weapon, it is important not to overlook the process of reloading, and the reloading supplies that are needed to complete the process. Bullet reloading supplies are often forgotten by new gun owners as they do not anticipate what is necessary to reload certain guns and over look what kind of ammunition may be needed for their weapon.

Often reloading a weapon can be more confusing to a beginner than he or she may have anticipated. Many of these guns require a reloading press, the basic tool utilized in reloading many rifles. It holds the guns form and gives you leverage so you are able o maneuver the gun in a manner making it easy for your ammunition and reloading supplies to be handled with the gun not moving around on you. Many guns, especially rifles, require bullet reloading supplies other than simply ammunition, and typically this means the press.

There are numerous tools that work with different guns for reloading, and while most can be done by hand, many basically require a tool that can help the gun stay still and make it steady while you maneuver the ammunition into place. The process is a bit of a struggle if you do not have the proper form, and the press can help you achieve this form. It is a necessity for anyone new to the world of reloading, and often for veterans as well.

When purchasing ammo and reloading your weapons, it is important to remember what the purpose of this gun is. Different ammunition needs to be loaded in different ways. Different ammunition is more effective at different times and can cost more or less depending on the style and brand. It is important to know what type of ammunition you are using and how you are going to reload your gun with it, whether by hand or with a tool. It is important to know the ammo and have the process of reloading it mastered.

With practice and a bit of research on ammunition, you can be sure you have the right bullet reloading supplies for your gun and its purpose. It can be exciting being a new gun owner, but don't skimp on the severity of some of the lessons that must be learned with the new gun. Purchasing the reloading supplies is only step one, knowing how to reload your gun is an important process to master, so be sure to practice.


Vital Gun Cleaning Supplies

As with using any kind of tool, it is vital that you take care of your gun when you use it. Regular maintenance and care is important if you want to keep your gun in good condition, and frequent gun cleaning is paramount if you want your gun to work well. Having your own gun cleaning supplies can help you keep your gun clean, regardless of how often you use it.

The first item of your gun cleaning supplies should be a solvent that is able to dissolve both metal and powder fouling in the action and bore of the gun. There are a number of choices of solvents, each of which works on a specific type of gun. It is vital that you remove the metal and powder fouling from your gun by frequent cleaning, as the fouling can contribute to throwing off the aim of the gun if there is a significant buildup in the gun.

You can also use kerosene to get the powder fouling from your gun, and you will need a lubricant with which to oil all of the different parts of your gun. By adding lubricant as part of your cleaning routine, you will ensure that all of the pieces of the gun work well together. Neglecting to use lubricant will result in your gun not working properly, so it is vital that you add lubricant to the list of your gun cleaning supplies.

You will also need a cleaning rod in your cleaning kit. The cleaning rod comes with tips that allow you to insert the rod into the barrel and other parts of the gun, and makes it possible to clean all of the dust and dirt out of the gun. The best type of gun cleaning rods are the one piece rods, as they work better to clean the gun without coming unscrewed like the sectional rods do.

A bore brush is another important part of your cleaning supplies. The bore brush is made from nylon or brass, and it will enable you to clean all of the fouling off of the inside of the bore. You use this brush together with the solvent for proper cleaning, and this is an important piece of gun cleaning gear to ensure that your gun is working properly.

You may also need a pipette or eyedropper that will allow you to control the amount of solvent that you are applying to the brushes and patches, as well as specific areas of the gun. You may find that one of your old toothbrushes will be exactly what you need to scrub certain parts of the gun. If your gun has severe carbon fouling, something that is very common in autoloaders, you may find that steel wool or a very strong scouring pad is perfect to clean it. You will also need a plastic container that is solvent resistant. You will want to soak some of the gun parts in the solvent, and having a plastic container in which to soak them is important.


To Journey With the Drum

I love to drum. I love to drum with people, I love to drum alone, in ceremony or not in ceremony. I build drums for myself and I also help others build their own. It is enormously rewarding, especially when these same people keep showing up in the drum circles I'm privileged to conduct, which are ceremonial healing circles. There, I play a small floor drum, a 16 inch by 16 inch cottonwood section, double head, which is suspended between two deer antlers. And it talks. I use two mallets to play that one. I use a seven sided hand drum with spider web lacing for healing and in sweatlodge. Or sometimes I'll use a round hand drum, just depends on what the Spirits want. There is another interesting use of the drum and that is to journey.

When I say we journey with a drum, I don't mean we take a literal, physical trip somewhere in the body. But we can, and often do "go" somewhere, and it is to a place beyond the imagination. A place where, when we finally and really let go and allow ourselves the possibility, we enter a world just as real as the material world. We call it the Spirit World. But I must apologize for my inarticulate use of the English language to accurately and adequately describe this phenomenon of entering the Spirit World, as place is the only word I know that gets the idea across in mainstream-speak. The problem, of course, is that using a word like place implies separation; we are here, place is there. We are actually working in dimensions, but not the cliches of parallel universe, string theory or that old favorite "that which is outside the space-time continuum," all of which reinforce the image of separation. This is more inter-dimensional. After all, withdraw the energy of Spirit from the material world and we end up with either a big pile of nondescript and rapidly decaying goo, or it would evaporate altogether as quickly as the alleged Big Bang brought it into existence. The Spirit World not only informs the material world energetically, or physically (as in "physics"), but also intelligently. The material world reflects back to the Spirit World our development as individuals and as a collective so the Spirits can help us all develop qualities of deeper consciousness and expanded compassion. Hence, one cannot exist outside the other.

Indigenous people have for a very long time understood this idea of interdimensionality, of the Spirits informing, even inhabiting (after a fashion) the material, and they do have terms for it. Perhaps the best known is the Lakota Taku Scan Scan (Da-koo Schkah Schkah), which transliterates to "that which is behind all that moves." Yes, we're talking very sophisticated physics here, but I promise not to go any deeper. After all, I'm supposed to be writing about drum journey. But I do feel it is important to address the point to counter this idea of separation between the worlds promulgated by corporate religions. My reason is that I observe many people actually fear drum journey. "What if I don't come back?" This may sound funny, but it's not to someone who wants to touch into themselves on a deeper emotional and spiritual level, but has this religiously inspired wall known as Separation blocking them. Journeying with the drum has helped many of these people destroy the illusion of separation of the worlds.

Many people who lead a drum journey will instruct participants to get as comfortable as they want such as laying down on a blanket, and most do. They are then taken on a guided journey, which is a technique to help them relax the body. The drum begins a soft, muffled beat with thickly padded mallets that takes them "out there." The sound of the drum goes with them, it is always there, softly breathing in the background. They know if they start feeling uncomfortable, or if something startles them, to head for the drumbeat. This allows them to relax into their journey, they know where home is. The drum may go on for a half hour, or more. Some 2,700 to 3,000 deeply relaxing beats. It's not unusual for someone to fall asleep, which is nothing to worry about. It just means the Spirits need them to get out of the way so they can do their work.

The beat picks up, the drum talks louder, and the people start moving, stretching, maybe yawning a bit. The drum stops as soon as the last person comes to. Silence.

Eventually someone will speak, at which time the drummer will ask if anyone has anything they want to talk about. There is always someone who does. And it encourages others to speak of their experience, and after a while, even those who were skeptical or afraid will speak and they will talk of going places and talking with people who spoke to them not just sensibly, but esoterically, yet it all made sense somehow and it was just what they needed to hear. Or see, or even feel.

Sharing their experiences in the room, but not outside the room, they start to accept the reality of what they just experienced. It's no different than working out at the local gym. The more one does, the more one can do. The better one gets at it, the quicker one can get into it. Confidence in the process grows, allowing one to go further each successive time.

This is a whole great big fantastic world we live in, spinning its way through an equally fantastic and mysterious universe. Taking a journey with a drum may be but one small step toward a deeper appreciation not only of the Earth and the universe we live in, but of that which moves behind all of it, the Taku Scan Scan. But it is a solid start toward that expanded consciousness and compassion the Great Mystery is looking for in us. There is someone in your area who understands drum journey. Find that person. Then show up.


How to Protect Your Website Against Hackers

If you have your own website, and many of us do these days, you've probably wondered at times if it is safe from hackers. It can be disconcerting, embarrassing and sometimes frightening to discover that you've been the subject of a hack-attack.

Not all hackers are evil. In fact in some circles hackers are considered stars and are used by large companies in testing to highlight weaknesses in security. But for now we'll consider a hacker as the bad guy, and these are often called crackers, who attempts to gain unauthorised access to your website.

Why hackers want to access your website is a complicated question. The reasons vary from the simple challenge and vandalism, through to spamming opportunities, identity theft or attempting to gain control of your website for political, financial or even more sinister motives.

There are several simple and effective ways in which you can protect your website to prevent hackers gaining access to sensitive information, or worse, changing or deleting your data or code. Let's take a look at some ideas.

If you have sensitive information on your website, it makes a good deal of sense to introduce passwords for those files. But remember that there are some very powerful password deciphering programs around, so make those passwords as difficult and unique as you can. Don't rely on your name or birthdate.

If you have designed, built and are maintaining your website using proprietary software, make sure that this is kept up to date to ensure that it contains the latest anti-hacking procedures. Sign up with the software developers to ensure you receive newsletters and updated information in good time.

Some hackers are simply interested in stealing your source code, code that you may have invested a great deal of time and resources in developing. You can make this more difficult for a hacker by using CSS style sheets as you develop your code, effectively hiding some of your code from prying eyes. Search engines will visit your website quite legitimately, but you can restrict their access to selected files by incorporating a robots.txt file on your website. This little file controls which areas of your website search engines can access. Search through Google to find out more, if you're curious.

A particularly annoying form of hacking is the capturing of your email address for spamming purposes. If you have your email address on your website, then it is best to secure it by using software that will split it, protecting it from spamming software.

Following these simple tips will not guarantee that your website will be free from hackers, but you will have made good progress in preventing a hack-attack.


Designing a Website for Your Targeted Audience

When designing a website, many people tend to get caught up in the fun of trying different designs. It is important to remember that when you design a website, you are designing it for a particular audience. The fact is that the design you choose for your website should reflect your target audience. A website that does not relate to their audience's desires will not see an increase in sales.

When designing a website, the first thing you have to do is define your target audience. Websites are about communication; therefore, you have to determine who you are communicating to. For instance, will your audience consist mainly of men, women, a certain age group, a certain ethnicity, etc? You have to determine why they are coming to site and what they are looking for. Targeting a wide range of people may increase website traffic, but not sales.

You also have to think about the product. For instance, a man surfing the net will not be going to sites advertising women's make up. An elderly person will not go to a site selling acne medication. The idea is to attract shoppers who are looking for your specific product or service.

Once you have identified your target audience, you need to create the right look that will encourage them to make a purchase. This includes the appropriate graphics, advertising and promotional materials, and relevant content that they will find appealing. You also have to consider ease of navigation. If your audience is not that computer savvy, having an easy to navigate website will be beneficial.

Marketing techniques must be considered when designing a website. For instance, if you are selling wine, are you targeting experts in the wine industry or the general public? If you are targeting experts, you do not want to "dumb down" the site. Experts will have a wealth of technical knowledge regarding the wine industry and the wine itself, so you should present a marketing design that speaks on their level of expertise. Another example to consider is if you are selling a line of women's clothing. You have to design the website based on the type of women purchasing the clothes. For instance, are you selling casual wear, maternity clothes, or professional clothing for the office? Your website will deliver either a professional, relaxed, or family orientated design.

Your content and advertising will need to centre on the type of environment the clothing will be worn in. All of these details will help you pick the most appropriate design.

Other design aspects you have to consider include: the most appropriate graphics and sounds, keywords that will reach your target audience, the type of information you will provide that is both relevant to the customer and the business philosophy. As well, you must consider the level of audience interaction that will be expected. This can include discussion forums, entering contests, completing surveys, providing feedback, etc.

Understanding your audience and their needs is essential to creating and maintaining a successful business website. It is important to remember that you may not get a perfect design on the first try. You will probably have to make some minor adjustments. The key point to remember is that your site should be built around your customer, and not your own personal preferences. As well, you may receive feedback from visitors regarding your website which will allow you to fine tune the design.

Designing a website with the customer needs and desires in mind is a critical part of running a successful business. Ultimately, whether one is designing a website for a business, or creating websites for their clients, the design of a website is blended with the business marketing concept.


A Short History Of Cherokee Tattoos

People from the world over are becoming increasingly involved with cherokee tattoos, making the Native American culture more eminent. This culture is greatly acknowledged because of its utter concurrence with nature. Nearly a superseded culture, many are eager to learn about it. While maintaining an awareness of their own traditions, the Albeit Native Americans were forced to employ unfamiliar cultural practices.

Native Americans are made up of numerous tribes. These tribes actually act as undersized nations composing the grand nation of Native America. It may be hard for other people to distinguish one Native American tribe from another because of the many similarities, but there are differences, still. These differences would turn out to be evident in how they express themselves creatively. Cherokee tattoos are well-liked; and this style of tattoo comes from the Cherokee tribe or nation.

Tattoos have been used by all Native American tribes to beautify their bodies, for hundreds, if not thousands of years. This was proven by antique portions of pottery painted with tattooed figures. Men were not the only individuals who had tattoos. As a matter of fact, Native American women also had painted skin. Early European residents have noted this fact.

Nevertheless, if you crave for Cherokee tattoos it is imperative to note that the women never had tattoo designs of animals. This is mainly because of the belief that women have a huge foundation of preeminence that could negatively affect hunting. The proof of this feminine force was proven by the ability to become pregnant and bear children. Valuing such a culture is natural for those who fancy tribal tattoos and designs.

When the Cherokee or other Native American tribes tattooed their skin, it was done by a professional artist who made use of fish bone needles or turtle shell shards.Patterns are exceptionally intricate. Dyes made of natural elements are used to inject the tattoo patterns into the skin. Cherokee tattoos done traditionally could take long hours to complete a single section.

Very frequently the entire history of a person's life was expressed through this type of tribal art. It is promising that Cherokee tattoo designs are more effortlessly obtained, these days. Taking a brief look at the tribal art section of the sites will expose patterns that may be downloaded.

The Cherokee language is not represented by an alphabet, it is a syllabree. This means that the words in the Cherokee language are made up of symbols. These symbols are increasingly gaining credit as Cherokee tattoos. It is possible for you to have your name or any other word tattooed in this syllabree. You can also have the name of a famous Cherokee tattooed onto your skin.

The seven pointed star and the rattlesnake are the most popular Cherokee tribal designs that the public get for themselves. Tattoos can also be seen on the faces of Cherokee soldiers. Tattoos of eagle eyes surrounding the warrior's eyes, are a good example. In case you find cherokee tattoos irresistible, you don't have to experience this intensely like others have.


You Will Recognize That The Websites You Link To Can Make A Difference

If you wish to get top search engine ranking your Internet site will be judged on a number of aspects. The initial thing is that the keywords you have throughout your site will make a big difference in your rankings. Yet another thing most of you are conscious of is that you have to have plenty of links pointing back to your site from other sites. In this article we are going to be speaking about why who you link to will also matter for your search engine rankings and pagerank.

Google's algorithm makes use of many different elements to decide page positioning, but not one person knows them all, however some are known. Who you link to is one of the things which will make a difference on how well your site ranks inside the search engine results pages. One thing you should comprehend is that if you have a link to a web page that Google has banned you will notice that this is a bad thing. Google sends crawlers to sites all the time when they realize that you have a link aiming to a site that they consider is a bad site they may think that your web page is endorsing that website. This will obviously hurt your page ranking and your search engine location, that is if Google does not choose to ban your site just for linking to a website that they have already banned.

But this in addition will work the other way around. While this is pretty much well known, I actually went out and put this to the test. Every time I added a good link to a website that Google likes, I discovered that in a short amount of time my website would receive better rankings. In some cases this was pages and at times I would go from number 10 on page 1, to around 3 and 5 on page 1.

One way I would do this would be to put a You Tube video to my site. Incorporating a You Tube video is actually an element that helps your site in two ways, first Google loves sites with video and secondly you will end up setting up a link that points to You Tube. Also you can just include a link to Google directly, as I found that this strategy also helps. In the event you add these things to your sites, within a week or so you ought to notice a boost in your search positions.

But don't forget you will not want to link to undesirable sites. Before swapping links with any site it is highly recommended to check on Google to find out if the website that wants to trade links shows up in Google to begin with. If the web page is not found, there could be a reason, like Google removed them from there searches. This may on the other hand not be the reason, because if this web page is a brand new site it's possible that Google just has not found the site yet. Either way the link isn't going to be doing you any good so don't exchange links with websites that are not listed in Google.


Native American Ancestor Search

Quite often I open e-mail from someone who is certain they have an Indian stuck in the family tree somewhere. A small percentage might know from what nation, and fewer yet might know the name and a little about the person in question. The predominant reason for most who get in touch is, "How do I find out if this is true?" No easy task.

It is more difficult to verify indigenous relatives than European relatives because the federal government deliberately made it so by arbitrarily assigning "white," or "Christian" names to those Indians who could not escape the roles used to account and corral those caught up in the reservation nets. Their Indian names were not recorded along side their new "civilized" names, which broke the link. This played into the federal blood quantum standard, a scheme to reduce the number of Indian people over time: Because of intermarriage, it would only be a matter of time before nobody had enough "Indian blood" to qualify as Indian.

Today, those trying to establish the connection to their indigenous ancestors have an uphill battle, indeed. Before climbing that hill, you may have to accept up front there may never be the discovery of that one piece of irrefutable information that will satisfy the respective tribe as to the validity of an ancestor. Unfortunately, tribes have taken on the same legally rigorous attitude as the federal government in these matters. (A good example of the "victim-perpetrator bond.") In the short term this keeps people off tribal rolls that should qualify but are not accepted because of the distribution of dollars, whether services tied to treaty rights or gaming royalties. The long term effect, while short-sighted, is obvious; no more tribe.

Begin your search learning what your family knows; who was the person and what is known about her or him, why does the family believe what it does about her or him, what names are in the old family bible, what pictures are in that old photo album? Look on the backside of the pictures, maybe something written there will help you. Interview family members, take notes, build you family tree, your file, find out who might already have done any of this work and get what they have. If you're observant, the search itself will inform you where to look. You are looking for corroborating evidence, so be creative.

At some point, your focus may narrow to a certain area and time period, most likely the last known residence of the person who came together with your Euro, African, Asian or "other" ancestor. Knowing the history and people of a region during a specific time period can be very helpful in your personal search and flesh out the life and times and motivations of your ancestor. Many of the people who get in touch seem to think their search is limited to birth, death, marriage, and service records. I encourage you to investigate land title, business, corporate, partnership, adoption, church, cemetery, school, even motor vehicle information.

When I found out our family farm in Arkansas had three generations of McBride on it, I wondered if this might be useful; if when the land was originally acquired, and how it was acquired made any difference. I took a trip to Arkansas. I went to the court house and was allowed to go into a very old basement where the old record books were kept, unsupervised. It was a major test in patience. While the Official Record (O.R.) Books were in order, the hand-written documents they contained were not. It was common practice years ago that when someone took title to a property, they would not record it at the closing. This was not necessarily a problem, until forty years later when the property was sold. To prove legal ownership, and in order to legitimate subsequent deeds, the original transfer had to be recorded. Hence, a property that was acquired in 1893, then passed to the heirs in 1940, would not show the deed in the 1887 O.R. Book, but in the 1940 book.

Land records were useful to my search because the General Allotment Act of 1887 obligated the federal government to provide a homestead, or part homestead, to Indians otherwise entitled to such, but who did not live on reservation lands. These parcels were paid for by the government, which is what happened in my family. The next step is obtaining the documentation from the Department of the Interior, the curator of the original General Land Office archives.

Knowing the history of a region, the progression of its changes and significant dates, and the history of your tribe is a must. What role did tribal members play in the Civil War, or WWI, or WWII? (Another example of the "victim-perpetrator" bond.) Military records may give some evidence of Indian heritage, subject to the ancestor's openness about it. State and federal bureaucracies are required to document their activities, and to then archive those documents. State historical archives are available to the public, but you must do the work yourself as state employees cannot.

Historical societies are another good resource, not only for what they might have archived, or in museums, but also in their memberships. Get involved and get to know the people and tell them of your quest. You might be pleasantly surprised at what comes from that.

There are a number of Indian census rolls in addition to the original Dawes Rolls, the Guion-Miller Rolls, and the Baker Rolls. Search them out. I have also found period maps useful in locating historical events within modern legal boundaries. What was the original Cherokee Territory, for instance? How did the state of Alabama come about, what ground was ceded by what tribe, and when? This gives credence to certain tribal people inhabiting certain areas, even after the white invasion.

Of course, the web has made some of this easier, but as with all things internet, be careful. Should you decide to go with a professional genealogist, check her or him out before sending away any dollars. As with many professions, there will be people who have specialized. Find someone who can substantiate a portfolio of experience tracking down Native American ancestors. There are also a few well known genealogical sources, such as the Mormon Church and Heritage Quest, a national lending library with a large repository of digitized records.

Should you discover you are, in fact, a mixedblood American Indian, be proud! Learn all you can of your tribal history and its current status. Make contact, get educated and get involved. You'll be glad you did.


Organic Skin Care The Better Way

There is plenty of talk about organic foods these days. Everyone is saying that organic foods are better for you because there aren't any chemicals that you are ingesting into your body like with non organic foods, and everything is natural. But what about organic skin care products? Are they important as well? We'll go over the reasons why organic skin care is the way to go.

1. It is all natural

When you are reading the label; you can clearly see what is in the skin care product without looking it up. There should be all natural ingredients in your skin care, nothing chemically produced or toxic to your skin.

2. Less chance of reaction

When there are all natural ingredients in the skin care, there is a decreased chance that this product will cause an irritation of any sort. Organic skin care does not contain the harsh ingredients that some regular products contain.

3. It's better for the environment

Anything that is made without chemicals is going to be better for the environment. It will break down more easily and because it is organic you will not be adding chemicals that do not exist naturally in the environment. There is nothing in organic products that might harm animals or trees.

4. It doesn't have to be expensive

Just because a skin care product is organic, does not mean that is has to be expensive. In fact, there are even some organic skin care products that can be made at home. For example, baking soda used in the shower is great, and you can also use it for black heads. If your skin is oily, try using tomato on it, but check it on your arm first to make sure that you're not allergic to the tomato juice.

Another great thing to do instead of using store bought deodorant is to mix half vinegar and half water to put under your arms. Vinegar also works well when you have athlete's foot.

If you are considering the use of organic skin care instead of products that are full of harsh ingredients and chemical. Consider visiting one of the many websites or Blogs filled with useful information on how to create your own organic skin care as well as a comprehensive list of products they sell.

There are a lot of good reasons for choosing organic skin care over inorganic skin care. But the biggest thing to remember is that when you are using skin care that is organic, you don't have to worry about putting anything unnatural on your face or on other parts of your body. Because it's all natural, no matter what type of skin you have you can use it. Organic skin care is especially good if you have sensitive skin, because you don't have any of the dyes, perfumes or chemicals that are found in your regular skin care products. When purchasing organic skin care be sure to read labelling and research the items that you want to buy before you do, to ensure that you are getting what you pay for.


What to Look For When Buying a Toy For a Gifted Child

Finding creative educational toys for a gifted child can be quite challenging. A highly creative child may feel absolutely lost and bored in playing the simplest toys that ordinary children play. Gifted children are not only hungry for intellectual and creative toys, they need to do something and interact with them. It is up to the parents to assess what works best and help their high-ability children who need more than occasionally stimulating toys.

Because most gifted children live under the care of their parents, moms and dads are in the position to help identity what educational toy their children most enjoy playing and guide them what they want to achieve.. Parents have a mine of information about their children's abilities, their hobbies and tastes, and the many behaviors they have observed firsthand since their children were born. Perhaps the best identifiers of a gifted child relates not so much to what degree or type of gift he or she has but to the degree of gift this child passionately desires to give. This may find manifestation in the child who is always bursting with questions and extremely curious about many things.. Many gifted children have an enormous range of interests, love playing with number concepts and figuring out how to solve math problems in unique ways. Others learn quickly and apply the new knowledge with ease. We see in some the impatient, imaginative, racing mind; others observe the world around them with a contemplative attention. Where the average child is curious, the gifted child is insatiably inquisitive. This makes them especially exciting, and wonderful to be around. Most of all, the gifted child needs what every person needs-love, encouragement and pride.

For a particular toy to fill the needs of these deep and unique characteristics of a gifted child, the parents need to be selective in buying toys based on their children's talents and interest. Educational toys help the gifted child achieve the following.

* Develop physical and motor skills. As the child plays, runs, skips, or even talks, integrating the senses with the use of the muscles, fine motor skills are developed.

* Develop language skills. Children play at making the sounds of their native language, thereby refining not only their articulation, but also their meaning.

* Develop social skills. It is in the context of play that children learn to incorporate the viewpoint of others into their own sense of self. Children learn creative expression as they are given opportunities to interact and play closely with others.

* Develop cognitive or intellectual skills. A child's intellectual skills are developed as they are given toys that challenge their creativity and encourage them more divergent thinking activities.

* Develop emotional well-being. When given a learning environment to play, gifted children and young people can begin to take hold of their own talents. They gain confidence in themselves and can conquer fear and create strong bond between child and parents.

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Educational Toys - Its Relevance to Gender Identity and Sexuality

Playtime is one of the fundamental core elements of childhood development. Toys are the conventional tool used to stimulate the growth of the child-- emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially. We are partial about educational toys that help our kids develop their motor skills, foster creativity and imagination, and enhance other skills like cognitive skills, thinking and reasoning skills and mind-muscle coordination.

Parents follow conventional norms when dealing with child rearing and development. This concept about how their child should grow is drawn from their own perception of what society consider as normal and their own experiences during childhood. For all of us, child development should have fun activities as its core component. The child needs to enjoy and find satisfaction with everything about his or her environment.

We are, however, caught in a dilemma on what types of toys are appropriate for our child. Every child is unique and as he grows, he develops his own set of rules for fun activities. He will pursue his own unique interests and actively explore new things-those that might not arouse the curiosity of another child.

What will you do if you see your child develop keen interest in educational toys which you think will distort his concept of gender roles? Is this a sign of abnormal behavior? What if your boy loves to play with dolls and doll houses?

Gender role issues are results of the varied forces of society. It takes it shape during the socialization phases of childhood and adolescence. Parents must be keen at how and where this takes our child as he grows. His specific bias towards certain girl-type toys is reinforced by strong influence coming from his immediate environment. Kids' personality development is built on models drawn from variables with strong stimuli and forces in his surroundings. You need to identify these variables before making an action.

It may be wise for you to introduce new things that might interest your child to correct the "distortion" in his personality. It should be done in a way that we are not turning out to be too pushy. Let him have the freedom to discover his environment but guide him through the frustrating and annoying episodes. Be creative with your approaches at child rearing and nurturing. Majority of child development experts recommend that parents encourage their children to engage in creative play when they are young. Creative play has been shown by a lot of researches to form the foundation for the emotional, creative, and intellectual growth of your child in later years. Be an ACTIVE participant in these fun activities.

Consider a subtle "tapering-down" of fun activities involving fun toys. Bring him out in the open! Fathers should initiate activities they can dub as "boy stuff." That way positive concept about his personality is reinforced by the satisfaction he gets out of these new and exciting activities with you. Fathers must identify appropriate educational toys which can encourage them to pursue some strictly "boy stuffs". For instance, you can start a contest with your boy child in dressing up you family car while he competes with his own dressing up of his toy truck. You can also inject some fun while doing some minor repairs around the house. For instance, you can involve your child with the minor things like deciding on the color of paint and buying materials from the hardware store uptown.

Child rearing is a full time job. You must enter the world of your child to get the feel of what he is experiencing. At the same time, you should also be a strong stimulus so that he grows into the community adequately prepared for a life as an adult in the best way possible.


Top Five Reasons to Use a Tan App to Monitor Your Tan

A tan app can help you do many things when trying to get the perfect tan and avoid injuries. Much like there are applications for just about everything that you can think of these days that help you more easily achieve your goals, such is also the truth for a tanning app. With such a helpful smartphone and tablet application, you can more easily reach your tanning goals while avoiding injuries and enjoying some helpful bits of information along the way.

Reason #1: Avoid Tanning Injuries

The leading reason to use a tanning app is to avoid injuries. For example, indoor tanning using a tanning bed results in thousands of injuries each and every year. These are generally from tanners forgetting to stop tanning after a certain point. But with the helpful timer that you will have in a tan app, you can never forget again and avoid getting burned. This same timer works for outdoor tanning, too.

Reason #2: Monitor Progress of Your Tan

Over tanning can lead to overly dark skin that you are not so fond of. Thankfully, the best tan app has a progress monitor. All you do is set the tan type (indoor, outdoor or spray-on) and take a before picture and an after picture of each tan. You also set your target skin tone. The tan app will track your tan and alert you when you've reached your target tone. Furthermore, you can see how many shades you gained each day, week or month.

Reason #3: Find Tanning Salons Near You

With more than 22,000 tanning salons located in the U.S., which one is the closest to you? With a tan app, you can more easily find them. It will tell you instantly where the closest ones with the best deals are, and will also provide GPS directions to them for your convenience.

Reason #4: Learn Helpful Tanning Tips

The more tanning tips that you can the better that you can safely tan and reach your target goal. The best tan app offers a daily tip. This can help you reach your goal more expeditiously while avoiding tanning injuries in the process.

Reason #5: Get Deals on Products and Services

Lastly, with a tan app you can enjoy signature offers on deals and products. Why overpay to tan when you can save money? All the more reasons to consider adding a tan app to your iPhone or iPad today, so you can enjoy signature offers and save money on tanning; something that average tanner spends an estimated $1,000 per year on.

What to Expect with a Tan App

These are just a few of the great features and functions that you can expect with a tan app. When searching for tan apps online, you have plenty of choices for the iPhone. Many apps cost money and are not free, however. So take your time and look around. You can often find tan apps that offer the aforementioned features free of charge. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?


Comfortable Summer Hairstyles for Women

Summer is the perfect season to spend relaxing and having a good time as often as possible. It is a great way to relive some of life's daily stresses by enjoying the weather whenever you can get away from work or household demands.

Do not waste hours of your summer days and night getting ready with hot curlers in your hair, or having to fuss with messy hairstyling solutions. Many women achieve flawless summer looks without having to work hard or miss out by taking to much time getting ready. By opting for comfortable summer hairstyles that not only look good, but give off the impression that you spent a lot of time getting ready, you will be happy to enjoy the summer with a fast and easy, style-and-go hair-do.

A hair-do that is gaining popularity this summer is the bob. Whether you are sporting a short or longer bob, this look is both comfortable and easy for women in the summer. Give yourself a break from hot curlers and curling irons this summer with this cute and sassy hairstyle. This hairstyle works beautifully with many different hair types and facial structures, and is also an appropriate hairstyle for women of all ages.

If you have medium length to long hair, you will be happy to know that the ponytail is still an extremely popular look for summer this year. Aside from a bob hairstyle, you cannot choose a much simpler way to style your hair than with a ponytail. With the wide assortment of colorful ponytail holders and hair tiebacks made out of different and unique materials, it is great to keep that fun, flirty look with your hair. Some hair bands can be covered with eye-catching gems that help you create several stunning looks without much effort at all.

Another trendy hairstyle for this summer is the fringe cut hairstyle. The fringe is an easy style-and-go choice that is popular with many women who want to let their personality run free. This somewhat feisty haircut is extremely easy to manage and maintain. Spend less time styling your hair and more time enjoying summer activities with this do.

Farrah Fawcett was one of the original women to make the layered and feathered back look famous. She single-handedly influenced millions of women in the 70's to sport her unique hairstyle. This hairstyle remains a popular choice with many women to this day. The layered hair looks great any time of the year, but many women prefer this easy and care-free look during the summer months. This layered look is a simple way to achieve and maintain all summer long.

Another well-liked hairstyle among women during the summer is the crop. This is a great look for women who prefer not to spend much time on their hair at all. A broken-edged crop can make for a dramatic look for most women, and is fairly easy to handle. This is different from a straight-edged crop, as a broken-edged cut follows the contours of your hair, which naturally varies at different points. This creates texturing that is unique to your hair and lends a very lovely style to your locks.

Different haircuts are not the only hot trends for women in the summer of 2009. Many women are embracing color, as it has always been important in hairstyles choices. This summer, strawberry blonde, auburn, and rich chocolates tend to be the trend setting colors of the season.

If you want to know what summer hairstyles are hot with celebrities, look through celebrity and fashion magazines to find out who is wearing what trendy hairstyle this summer. There are also many magazines devoted to highlighting trendy hairstyles for women that can give you some great insights and tips on the summer hairstyle that is just right for you.

Consulting with your hairstylist is a great way to get more ideas on fashionable summer hairstyles. Tell your hairstylist that you want a style that looks great but that is easy to maintain, so that you can spend less time in front of the mirror and more time out enjoying yourself this summer. You can also look through a salon's magazines on hairstyles to get ideas the next time you are in a hair salon.

Some of the summer hairstyle choices for women may be new to you, and you may be a little apprehensive about taking the plunge to re-inventing yourself. By summers end, your hair will have begun to grow out and you can go back to your old hairstyle if you wish. Be bold and take a risk on a cute and fun new hairstyle this summer.

Stop letting your hair hold you back from summertime fun because it refuses to be styled in a timely and simple manner. Liberate yourself from hot curlers, curling irons, straighteners, messy hairstyling products, and the fuss and muss of styling your hair this summer with an easy hairstyle. Choose a summer hairstyle that is easy to style and that will look great on the beach or out for a night on the town.


The Development Of The Domestic Cat

Researchers believe that the African wild cat, a yellow, faintly striped animal somewhat larger than present-day felines is the probable ancestor of the domestic cat. Among the reasons for this conclusion are correlations between human and feline habitats during the period when domestication is most likely to have occurred; morphological and behavioral adaptations in the domestic cat, including a hearing apparatus suited to open spaces like the desert; behavioral evidence, the African wild cat is docile and is still easily tamed today; and etymological evidence, the English word cat, the French chat, the German Katze, the Spanish gato, and the modem Arabic quttah, appear to be derived from the Nubian word kadiz, meaning a cat.

Two other varieties may have also contributed to the cat's development: Pallas's cat, which is a long-coated resident of the steppes in Northern and Central Asia, is believed by some experts to be the longhaired cat's distant ancestor; and the never-domesticated European wild cat may have interbred with domesticated cats. The ancestors of the modern-day cat were either ticked, mackerel, or spotted tabbies. The classic (or blotched) tabby pattern seen in the show ring does not occur in any other member of the cat family except Felis catus, the domestic cat, in whom it appeared as an ordinary gene mutation.

Some experts believe that the cat was first domesticated in Egypt, but the probable date of this event is still an approximation. The earliest pictorial representations of cats from Egypt date from the third millennium B.C., but it is often difficult to ascertain whether these animals were wild or domestic. However, from about 1600 B.C. onwards, paintings of cats become increasingly abundant in Egypt, and it seems that these animals were fully domesticated.

Cats were domesticated, whether by themselves or by humans, to hunt vermin and, to a lesser extent, as house pets. As agrarian societies developed, wild cats moved closer to towns and villages, attracted by food and the large populations of rats and mice that thrived in granaries. When cats proved their skill at protecting grain, farmers began feeding them, hoping that they would stay on the job.

Except for the lion and the cheetah, all cats, unlike other domesticated animals, are solitary creatures. Their survival does not depend on membership in a well-structured group. These animals follow their own counsel.

The cat does not transfer its allegiance so easily. Centuries of complete reproductive freedom have also influenced the cat's personality. Until the late 19th century humans exerted almost no control over the cat's choice of mates. Other domesticated animals had been subject to arranged marriages for thousands of years by then, and only the most docile animals were considered as fit subjects.

Therefore, one can argue that the cat has been domesticated, if at all, for little more than a hundred years, and that its domestication did not commence until people began to exert systematic control over its breeding activities. The more extensive the pedigree, the greater the evolution in that animal whose ancestors it records.

Compared to the tenure of the dog, the interval since the cat was first domesticated has been brief. We can only guess at the personalities of those earliest cats who accepted food from humans, and then agreed to accept their companionship as well. In addition, we can only guess at how the cat's personality will be affected by continued selective breeding. However, one thing is certain: those making the selections should base their choices at least as much on temperament as they do on type.


7 Signs Your Child is Gifted

There are many ways to define giftedness, though gifted children have one common factor: they can show extraordinary performance in many ways. As parents, we should understand that a child is gifted in his own way. They can be exceptional in different areas such as music and arts. Every child has their own skills and talents, though it needs to be nurtured starting at toddler. Many parents provide educational toys to enhance their child's skills. Parents can tell if their child is gifted by observing them play.

Here are signs that your child is gifted:

1. Child shows excellent abilities in terms of academic fields, whether it is mathematics, languages, science and even at performing arts. Usually, the child receives an award for academic performance, or as an outstanding student of the class. Learning is fast for him. He can read, write, recite without mom's help. The child also shows resourcefulness by improvising things. Mostly good in written and oral skills. He can answer questions and solve problems too. When you found out that your child possess this abilities, be happy - your child is gifted. Provide your child educational toys to cultivate their knowledge. Chunky board books, ABCs, pop-up books are some of the educational toys your child will surely love to have.

2. Child loves to listen to music and enjoys singing a lot. He has a good voice and can follow rhythms well, knows how to read notes and put them into tones. More over, the child expresses himself through music.

3. Child tends to be a dramatist. He can act out characters on his favorite toy characters and voice out what he reads at a book.

4. Child shows appreciation in performing and visual arts. Likely, he would ask you to buy art materials and then, you would find him making a few sketch, drawing or painting. The child is usually focused on his drawings and he is too good on color combinations. He loves to carry his sketch pad and shows it to his playmates. What you should provide him are educational toys for arts, such as coloring pads, color pens, crayons and washable books.

5. Child's psychomotor activity and coordination of body, hands and feet is good. The child loves adventure, physical games and outdoor activities. Energetic but knows how to choose what kind of games he will play. When your child has this skill, he may be an athlete. He is good in motor skills and has strong stamina.

6. Child loves to express himself through writing. You can find this child in the depth of his writing. The child usually writes stories about his dreams, favorite places and trips. Pen and paper is his top most favorite things. He can write a good essay in a short moment. Observe your little one, if he loves to read and then, most likely he has a passion for writing. Provide your child with educational toys that enables him to nurture his knowledge.

7. Child shows leadership. When he plays with other kids, he is the one who gives instructions to the rest. The child organizes the play and resolve quarrelling playmates. His playmates often ask ideas and directions from him. The child has a lot of ideas, shares them to others and decides. He is a good decision maker.

Of course, there are a lot more signs that your child is gifted and parents should be aware of it. Your child may or may not have the given signs but they can be exceptional in other ways. If you see the signs that your child is gifted, make a generous effort to nourish it. Provide your child educational toys that can help them stimulate and cultivate their skills even at playtime.


Tips for Saving Money on Pet Meds

Like any medicines, pet medications can be expensive. Despite this expense, the majority of pet owners do not so much as hesitate to get their beloved pets whatever medicines they need in order to aid in their recovery from illness or injury. Unfortunately, this can often result in loving pet owners having to pay too much for the medicines that they buy when they could have found the same medications for a significantly reduced price elsewhere.

There are several ways that you can save money on the pet meds that you buy, if you are willing to take the time to look and see what is available. If you are in need of medicine for a beloved pet and want to find ways to save money on the prescription, here are some suggestions for how you can accomplish this. While the important thing is making sure that your pets get the medications that they need, it does not hurt to save yourself some money in the process.

Shop Around

Though buying pet meds directly from your veterinarian may seem like your only option, there are actually a number of places that you can go to get the medicine that your pet needs. Visit other veterinarians and animal clinics in the area to see if they offer full pharmacy services as well as animal care, checking to see what their prices are on the pet meds that you need. By taking the time to shop around with different pharmacy options and comparing the prices that are available, you can easily determine which has the better deal on what you need. In some cases, you may even be able to find significant discounts over what you would have originally had to pay.

Visit Online Pharmacies

While you are shopping around and looking for different pharmacy options, do not forget to go online and visit online pharmacies that specialize in pet meds. In addition to offering the exact same medications as the clinics and pharmacies in your local area, a number of these online pharmacy sites are able to offer better prices because of the significantly lower cost of operating online. Prescription orders can be filled at any time of the day or night, with only a faxed copy of a pet prescription or a confirmation from your vet is needed so that your order can be processed.

The medicines are then shipped directly to your door, often free unless advanced shipping options are chosen. Many online pharmacies may even automatically refill and ship long-term prescriptions if you so desire, making sure that the new medicine arrives before you run out. This is very helpful because you will not have to worry about interrupting the treatment by forgetting to reorder your pet medications.

Consider Generics

Similar to prescription medications that might be given to you by your own doctor, a number of common pet meds have generic versions available which can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. When talking to your veterinarian, ask whether there are generics available for your pet's medication. They can tell you about any generics that are on the market, letting you know about any differences between the generic and name brand formulas as well as any potential side effects that could result from the generic meds. You should also consult the pharmacy that you choose in regards to whether generics are a viable option; some generics may not be kept in stock, though this is a problem more common to physical animal pharmacies than online stores. If a generic alternative to the medicine that your pet needs is available, you can save a very significant amount of money each time you have to get your pet meds filled.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

Be on the lookout for special offers that may help you to save money on pet meds. If you need a prescription filled that does not require refills after it runs out, see if you can find a pharmacy either nearby or online that offers a discount on prescriptions filled for first-time customers. You might also watch for special promotions that allow you to buy other common pet goods such as pet food or flea treatments at a discount when you bring in or transfer a new prescription to the clinic or pharmacy. If ordering online, see if you can find a pharmacy that is offering discounts on expedited shipping or other specials that can help you to save money on the pet meds that you order. Even if you have a pharmacy that you prefer, you may occasionally find it better to fill a one-off prescription through a different pharmacy because of a special offer or promotion that they are having. Looking for special promotions like these can help you get more for your money especially if it is a onetime prescription.


Steps to Toilet Train Your Dog

The last thing any dog owner wants is a lot of nasty messes to clean up all over the place. If you take the time to toilet train your dog, you'll not only avoid stepping in an unpleasant surprise as you head to the bathroom at night, you will confine all mess to a specific area. However, it does take some time and patience to teach your dog, particularly if you are starting with an older canine.

How to Toilet Train Your Dog

Your dog instinctively prefers to stay clean. If you watch a puppy that has been tied up or left in a kennel, he will automatically defecate away from where he eats and sleeps. You will be able to use this to your advantage when training your dog to use one particular spot for his or her physical needs.

Step One: Creating a Bathroom Area

It's a good idea to choose one specific spot where your dog will be eliminating before you even bring the puppy home. The best way to do this is to pick a spot, perhaps in the corner of the yard where your dog will be comfortable defecating. Some dogs prefer to do their business on grass, while others will actively seek out dirt. If you know ahead of time which type of area your dog prefers, this will help you prepare a nice spot.

Step Two: Establish Living Areas

Your dog will instinctively avoid defecating or urinating within living areas, so you'll need to make sure he understands that the entire house is considered a living area. If you are crate training, you can simply move the crate from room to room, while keeping the dog inside. Otherwise, establish one spot as a sleeping and playing area and then begin to move the dog's bed and toys from room to room until he has accepted that the house is his home. Be sure to progress slowly so the dog has a chance to get used to each area.

Step Three: Be Regular

Dogs do very well on a schedule and this goes for a feeding schedule, as well. If you are starting with a small puppy, you'll notice that he needs to eliminate after each feeding. So, once he has eaten, simply take him to the assigned toilet area and let him do his thing. Your dog will catch on very quickly that this is where he should be defecating.

Step Four: Rewards and Consistency

It will take some time to toilet train your dog. Be sure to allow him frequent access to the toilet area and never leave your dog too long in his crate or alone in the house, since this will result in training issues as your dog won't be able to hold it.

Rewards every time your puppy uses the assigned elimination area will help increase his interest in the toilet training. You don't necessarily need to use edible treats, simply responding with a fun toy or verbal praise is often more than enough to let your dog know that you are pleased with him.

By staying patient, not getting upset when your dog slips up and being sure to let him know that you are happy when he uses the toilet area, you'll find that most dogs pick up the idea of house training rather rapidly. Confusion or being shut up indoors can cause delays in the learning process, so be sure to be consistent and calm about the whole thing. Your dog wants to please you and by using his natural instincts, you are encouraging traits that will come naturally to your pet.


Choose the Best Magnifying Lamp

Encountering situations where it is hard to see certain things or read text clearly because such items were either blurry or too small comes as no surprise. This is especially true as age begins catching up with us. It is during such times that you definitely want to have a magnifying glass at your disposal while also having adequate light to see by. A magnifying floor lamp is ideal for these occasions.

A magnifying lamp is a very helpful device because it can tilt to any angle or direction you desire in order to let you see objects more clearly. You can avoid the hassle of holding both a magnifier and a source of light and free up both hands to hold the object you want to look at. A floor-style magnifier lamp makes your job even easier, as it may simply be placed on the floor. It also consumes less space, since you do not have to keep it on the desk or table you are working at.

It has been only during more recent years that this type of magnifying lamp has become more common in households. It is not, however, a totally novel concept. Such lamps were used very frequently by electronics and jewelry manufacturers in the past, because such lamps greatly assist them in doing their work. Nowadays, however, you can easily find one to buy for the purpose of reading books, newspapers, and/or magazines. If, for instance, you are in your bedroom and do not wish to have strong lighting to avoid disturbing other family members while being able to read comfortably, you can use one of these magnifier lamps.

There are numerous types of magnification lamps available on today's market. So, a common question is "how do you know which one is most suitable for your home?" Following are some hints to help you make the best decision:

- Cost

Depending on their type and size, these lamps cost anywhere from $20 to more than $100, so your first step should be setting a budget and deciding what your particular needs are. If you just need something very simple that can serve the primary purpose of providing you with light while simultaneously magnifying objects, an inexpensive floor lamp should do just fine. You can easily find one for about $20 USD.

- Features

Some people require a magnifying lamp for the sole purpose of reading, so they do not require anything fancy. If you want a device that offers you more control, occupies less space, and has more adjustment buttons, you should be prepared to pay more. Such lamps usually cost over $100 USD.

Above are just a few recommendations to make you aware of the types of magnifying floor lamps that you may buy for your home. If you would like additional information or further details about various available features and price ranges, you can conduct an online search for catalogues. You may also visit consumer review sites to read customer reviews about various brands and models.


Silverfish: How to Prevent and Remove Silverfish

Silverfish are those squirmy, fast moving bugs that you have probably found hanging around your shower or in an old book. There's good reason why silverfish choose these places: They love the starch found in the binding of books (they also like the paper) and enjoy damp, dark places like a shower as well as the cellulose ingredients found in many shampoos and shave foams.

Silverfish are harmless to humans- they don't bite or carry around germs like other pests (such as roaches). The problem with silverfish is that they cause damage to fabrics, books, wallpaper and more. The other problem is that they are hard to exterminate. Even exterminators find it challenging to successfully rid a home of all silverfish. The good news is that there are steps you can take to preventing silverfish or at least to make your a home less attractive to silverfish.

Here are some of ways to prevent and help rid your home of silverfish:

1. Cloves- It has worked for some but not for others. It's a inexpensive and pleasant option so it's worth a try to see if it will work for you. Simply spread whole cloves around in places where you have seen silverfish. If you are trying to prevent silverfish, then place cloves behind books in bookshelves, under sinks and in the corner of your shower. Whole cloves can be found in the spice section at your local grocery store.

2. Check for Plumbing Problems- Silverfish like dark and damp areas. If you have a plumbing problem, such as leaky pipes, it will create an open invitation for silverfish. If you have a serious silverfish problem then you should really get your pipes checked by a plumber.

3. Stable Humidity Levels- Keeping your house at proper humidity levels will also keep silverfish out. If your house is too humid (and too hot), then silverfish will want in as they love humid and damp places. Consider purchasing a dehumidifier for your basement to help decrease humidity.

4. Keep Clean- It's hard to keep a perfectly clean house. But taking the extra time each day to sweep will not only help prevent silverfish but also help to prevent many other pests such as ants and roaches. Since silverfish like sugar and starch, they will likely want to come into a home with crumbs. In fact, silverfish can go without eating for a year, so they will happily wait around in your home until they get some crumbs.

5. Keep Food in Containers If you live in areas which are more prone to silverfish, south as many of the Southern states then you should consider keeping your rice, beans, flour, sugar, etc, in air tight containers to prevent silverfish from getting in.

If you have a rare infestation of silverfish then it may be a good idea to get an exterminator to come out and get rid of as many as possible to get the situation under control.


The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment

Written by leading futurist researcher Dr. Chris Martenson, the book "The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future Of Our Economy, Energy, And Environment" paints a picture of a future that could hold some promise or be a place of grim reminders of a past where we squandered the resources of the planet.

A problem-solver, Dr. Martenson wrote The Crash Course to show how the economy, energy and the environment are interrelated and that the planet is at a global tipping point where a change in one of the three variables changes the future significantly.

Indeed, the coming decades will be unlike anything we have ever experienced before, Dr. Martenson argues as he believes the world is caught in an economic crisis the likes of which we haven't seen before. That can easily be seen in the attempts to bail out the Greek economy with old-fashioned remedies and what one might call economic shock theory, cutbacks, cutbacks and more cutbacks. There comes a point where there's nothing left to cut. And now, France is feeling the effects of the downturn, among other economies.

Dr. Martenson argues that we are on a path where our out of control use of energy, the environment and the economy are heading toward the venturi effect of the future where, like a funnel, there will be a host of problems on one side and a relatively small flow of fixes that work, if they work at all. His work, not the first in this type of the ultimate doomsday prediction as works such as this go as far back as the first world oil shortage of 1973 that, granted, was manmade, but still launched two Harvard economists like missiles into the study of global oil use predicted that we would have run out of sustainable fuels by about 1998.

But, there are two wildcards that were not yet clouds on the horizon in the 1970s as the West still controlled the world economy, China and India, whose accelerating use for everything from paperclips to petroleum, adds strains to a world that is not prepared for them.

Dr. Martenson points out that while fossil fuels are necessary and are rapidly being depleted so that we are being forced ever deeper into the ocean to drill for it. That carries with it its own peril, as the major blowout of the well in the deep Gulf last year points out. Tens of millions of gallons of brown unprocessed crude fouled crucial fishing grounds and breeding grounds of other marine species. In other words, it was a true catastrophe, all brought on by the need to head further out into the sea looking for the fossil fuels our life demands.

Eventually, Dr. Martenson points out, oil will run out as we try to squeeze more out of not only the sea, but depleted fields inland.

Dr. Martenson's map toward future sanity paints a picture of the fact that we have to have begun solving our problems yesterday or the day before but since we can't we have to begin our change now. Dr. Martenson's Crash Course charts the course ahead and emphasizes that it's not a pretty picture but despite the chaos we may face, it is the path we have to take so we will emerge successfully. What the success will be and when it will occur are still dauntingly far ahead. And it is a path filled with challenges that represent new opportunities. In a way, it paints positive picture of where we will emerge and gives us a vision on which we can build more balanced lives that will lead a lifestyle in harmony with the new realities.


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