In December 2008, the Illinois Conservatives were formed with the goal of getting young people involved on the conservative side of the politics. Just three and a half years later, it appears to be working as the Illinois Conservatives sits at over 4,000 members (3,000+ on the group page and 1,500+ on its friends page). However, the Illinois Conservatives are no longer the only youth led, conservative organization in the state, with several other terrific groups taking up similar causes and making us wonder if unity should be something to look at moving forward.

Less than two years ago an organization led by a group of high school students called SOS Liberty took off fighting for financial reform nationwide. SOS Liberty soon became Turning Point USA and is led by Charlie Kirk, who recently graduated from Wheeling High School and is starting college at Baylor University in the Spring of 2013. Turning Point USA deals strictly with fiscal issues.

Another group in Illinois is called Restore Our Principles (ROP) led by Christiaan Burner, Mike Vitt, and otheryoung adults living within the state. ROP strives to get the youth engaged,just like the Illinois Conservatives and Turning Point USA.

Young people are also running for local office. In fact, 19-year-old Brandon Beilke is currently running as aRepublican in Jo Daviess County to become a County Board Member. Illinois is fortunate to have so many different groups and driven individuals wanting to lead this state into the future.

Therefore, we have to wonder how powerful all these groups and individuals would be if they just joined forces, rather than being separate entities. As President of the Illinois Conservatives, I would be enthusiastic about having a convention in which every youth group is present to from a coalition. It should not matter who the leader of the new coalition would be either. It should only matter that we would be better able to serve all of the youth in Illinois if we came together instead of competing for the same goal. Since we all have the same purpose, it would only make sense to work together. This will not only help young conservatives, but it would help ALL conservatives and benefit the state in the long run. Is that not what everyone wants?

I am open to feedback at The conservative movement in Illinois is rising and, together, we can make a difference.

Illinois Conservatives announce their endorsement of Congressman Joe Walsh, who is seeking reelection in the 8th Congressional District.

Since becoming a Congressman, Mr. Walsh practices what he preaches. He does not accept the health care coverage and pension package offered to those in Congress. He votes against legislation that increases the size of government and does not add any earmarks to any legislation.

Walsh believes in smaller government and lower taxes. In an age that has seen the average household income drop by nearly $5,000 since 2009, Walsh does not believe more taxes on those struggling to make ends meet is right nor fair.

He believes that it is imperative that this country gets its budget under control as we cannot afford to continue to have annual deficits exceeding $1 trillion a year. We must get our budget balanced for the sake of this country.

Walsh also has attended more than 200 town hall meetings and will meet any constituent, whether they agree with him or not. He has shown that being a Congressman means making yourself available to the voters. These are the values that conservatives hold dear and why Illinois Conservatives endorse him.

Walsh’s opponent, Tammy Duckworth, believes in bigger government and higher taxes. When asked by the Chicago Tribune editorial board about what needs to be done about Medicare, Ms. Duckworth said she “is not ready to look at that now,” and that “it is something to discuss later.” Medicare will be bankrupt in 10 years and is a large driver of the out-of-control budget deficits. If Duckworth is not prepared to discuss a major issue like Medicare now, then she is not capable of discussing it later.

Furthermore, Ms. Duckworth continually turns down opportunities to debate the issues of the day with Congressman Walsh before the voters of the 8th Congressional District.

Congressman Walsh votes for fiscal restraint and believes this country must tackle the major issues facing it today. He does not hide from the voters.

The Illinois Conservatives enthusiastically endorse Joe Walsh for reelection.

PR done by: John Dyslin

 Moline, Il. – The Illinois Conservatives to host the Tea Party Express in the Quad Cities


The Tea Party Express recently launched their Mobile Phone Bank Bus tour on an 81-Day Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign that aims at engaging and educating conservative voters in the November 6th election.


The 45 foot Tea Party Express bus is a state-of-the-art campaign tool that allows the grassroots campaign anywhere in the country. The bus will have 15 workstations for volunteers, each with their own laptop and phone. The tour will stop in 23 states that are the key battleground states for the 2012 election.


During the Moline stop the Tea Party Express bus will be parked at the Neil Anderson Campaign Headquarters at 2424 40th Ave Moline, IL.


Anderson stated “We are excited to be working with the Illinois Conservatives and the Tea Party Express in this grassroots effort to reach the voters.”


The Tea Party Express will assist the grassroots efforts of local candidates who believe in fiscal responsibility, reducing the size of government and taxes, and controlling spending


Anderson stated “It’s time to bring focus on Illinois’ skyrocketing deficits, unsustainable debt and loss of jobs and business to other states and countries as a result of over taxing and over regulations.” He continued, “Many think Illinois is too far gone: We have an opportunity this election to change the course of our state, give it back to the people and be competitive to the other states in the nation.”

Anyone interested in getting involved or learning more about this effort are welcome to attend

(Stillman Valley)- During a meeting held in Stillman Valley on June 14, the Ogle County Republicans led by Chairwoman Stacy Flanagan replaced Ralph Hoekstra on the ballot in the 5 district after he announced he was no longer seeking the office of county board. Dan Janes was voted to replace Hoekstra on the November 6 ballot. Janes currently serves on the county board but lost in a four way primary back in February. District 5 is one of only two districts that the Democrats have a candidate seeking a seat on the County Board. So once again Janes will be once again in a battle of four candidates vying for three seats. The republican nominees are Martin Typer (the retired long time Circuit Clerk), Don Griffen Jr and Janes. The Democrats have fielded Willem Dijstelbergen.

The Illinois Conservative organization is keeping busy this weekend! We will be attending three important events over a two day span. Tonight the Illinois Conservatives will be a “Candle Level Sponsor” for the Jason Plummer for Congress campaign’s Birthday Fundraiser. On Friday the Illinois Conservatives’ Speaker Joe Kaiser will be tweeting (live) from CPAC-Chicago. Fellow Illinoisans’ will be able to get our esteemed perspective of ChicagoCPAC (@ILconservatives).


Friday, the Illinois Conservatives and the Illinois Conservatives-Quad City branch will be appearing at the Neil Anderson for State Representative fundraiser in Moline, IL. Last but certainly not least, the Illinois Conservatives will have multiple leadership members at the GOP convention working the event. The convention is this Friday and Saturday at the Tinley Park Convention Center. We would love to see as many fellow conservatives attend all of these events. If you are a “new comer” don’t be shy about coming out. We promise to make you feel welcome! We cannot wait to see fellow conservatives (new and old) in the coming days!


Thursday, June 7: Jason Plummer’s Birthday Fundraiser.


Friday, June 8: CPAC Chicago with Live Tweeting (Chicago)

Republican State Convention (Tinley Park)

Neil Anderson Fundraiser (Moline)


Saturday, June 9: Republican State Convention


(Oregon, IL) Did you know that Scott Walker has roots in Illinois? Infact his dad, Rev. Llewellyn Scott “Llew” Walker, was born and raised in Rockford. Governor Walker’s mom, Pat, is a 1956 graduate of Belvidere High School in Belvidere, IL. Governor Walker never lived in Illinois as he was born in Colorado and moved later to Iowa then to Wisconsin but his parents met in Illinois. His extended family continues to have ties in the Boone County area of Illinois. One has to think what would Illinois look like if Scott Walker was Governor of Illinois instead of Wisconsin?


According to many sources Illinois has an 8 billion plus budget deficit and is falling farther behind in unpaid bills. Remember, when Governor Walker took office in Wisconsin the state faced a 3.5 billion dollar shortfall and Governor Walker reversed that and turned it into a budget surplus. Could he have done the same for Illinois but on a larger scale? We will never know but there is a really good chance he could have.


Could Walker have gotten the unions under control in Illinois? That to me is still to be determined. The reason for that is because there are a good number of Illinois GOP representatives that vote with the unions. So conservatives not the Republicans would have to have a majority in Springfield which would be a very tough task. If Walker had the representatives to do it you better believe that the unions would have a far bigger outcry then they did in Wisconsin. Illinois is considered the #1 friendliest state for teachers and if a Governor Walker attempted to change that in any way the teachers union would go full steam ahead to wreck him.


Would Governor Walker be an upgrade over any Illinois Governor we have had for the last 20 years? YES! Together we have to continue to work hard so we are able to put ourselves in a place to elect a Governor like Scott Walker. This will be the biggest job that any Illinois Tea Party or any other conservative group has done to date but it is a job we have to do and we have to succeed. Illinois has to be saved!

(Jackson County)- Sharee Langenstein announced her bid to become Jackson County’s next States Attorney. The current states attorney is retiring meaning that this will be an open seat. Langenstein has been slatted by the Republican Party and will face Democratic Nominee Mike Carr. Sharee is a 1988 graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Law who currently lives in Murphysboro with her husband and six daughters and has served on the Illinois Conservatives Leadership Team for the past year. The Illinois Conservatives wish her all the best of luck.

(Oregon, IL) For the third consecutive year, the Illinois Conservatives will host a Money Bomb on Flag Day 2012 (June 14th, 2012).


“With us now becoming a PAC I see this as a great opportunity for us to raise a good amount money that we can pass along to conservatives candidates and to help our organization continue to grow,” Illinois Conservatives president Zach Oltmanns said. “We have set our goal high and know with the support of our members we can hit that number.”


To donate to the Illinois Conservatives go to and hit the donate button on the right side. You are able to donate with your paypal account.


If you are unable to donate on the 14th the Illinois Conservatives ask that you utilize your Facebook and your Twitter accounts to help advertise this event. To do this, all a person would have to do is post the URL to our website and encourage your friends to donate.

(Lemont, IL)

  • Call to order was made by President Oltmanns at 1:15pm.
  • Attendance was taken by Vice President Spitzer in attendance were President Oltmanns, Vice President Spitzer, Speaker Kaiser, Rep. Jarratt, Rep. McCabe, Rep. Kirk, Rep. O’Connell. It was determined that a quorum was present and the meeting continued.
  • It was determined that the Illinois Conservatives would move forward to create a Federal PAC.
  • Annual fundraiser will take place on Flag Day (June 14th, 2012) for the 3rd consecutive year.
  • New literature will be ordered to replace out of date literature.
  • A reporter from the group will be sent to CPAC-Chicago to give our members live updates.
  • Discussion took place on our meeting structure and how we endorse candidates.
  • Budget was presented by President Oltmanns.
  • Much discussion followed about third party candidates.
  • Floor was opened to the public with many people addressing the leadership team.

Thank you for reading our 30 under 30 list. We hope you found it informative. These 30 individuals will be at the head of our movement in the years to come. We also want to recognize some of our fellow under 30 leadership members Charlie Kirk (18-SOS Liberty/Illinois Conservatives), Dalton Gray (19-Illinois Conservatives), JC Hagen (28-Illinois Conservatives), Andrew Spitzer (22-Vice President Illinois Conservatives), and MaryAnn McCabe(Illinois Conservatives). We also want to thank McHenry County Blog, Illinois Review and Ulysses S. Arn with (29-Blogger, Author, Activist) for cross posting our list.  Series was written by Joe Kaiser and Zach Oltmanns

Jon Schweppe- is a 24-year-old Communications Director for the Bobby Schilling for Congress Campaign. His hometown is Aledo and he currently lives in the 17th Congressional District. In 2010, Jon graduated from Augustana College with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics. In the future, he would like to not only get Congressman Schilling re-elected but to also get other hard working conservatives elected throughout Illinois.

Timothy Stoll- is a 27-year-old Chairman of the Kane County Young Republicans and Precinct Committeeman for Rutland 1. Timothy is from West Dundee and lives in the 14th Congressional District. He is also currently doing district outreach and casework for Congressman Randy Hultgren. His goal is to make Illinois a state where business thrives, private sectorjobs are plentiful and people are free to create the life they want with minimal governmental interference.

Mark Cavers- is a 25-year-old policy analyst from Mundelein in the 18th Congressional District, working for the Illinois Policy Institute. His job duties include government relations and talking to state leaders everyday about the conservative cause. Mark is hoping that Illinois will become the land of freedom and prosperity, while also holding a future goal to someday become the Governor of Illinois.

Lucas Hawley-is an 18-year-old fulltime student at Victor J. Andrew High School. Lucas is from the 1st Congressional District and lives in Tinley Park. He recently finished his work on severalcampaigns during the primary season including a congressional race, state representative race and state senator race. In 2010, he interned for Jeff Junkas. A short term goal for Lucas is to get elected to a local office in the Tinley Park area. He would also like to reform the GOP party in Illinois byclearing the party of corruption and the ineffective leaders. A long term goal of his would be to get involved with U.S. Embassies, mainly the embassy in Berlin, Germany.

Katie Salvi- is a 23-year-old college student and soon to be law student from Mundelein and the 14th CongressionalDistrict. She recently worked on the Santorum for President Campaign in Illinois and has helped other conservatives get elected as well. Her futuregoal in politics is to get more conservatives elected to office and to return this country to greatness. She believes anything is possible for her in thefuture.

Mick Paskiewicz- is a 24-year-old who is the State Chairmen for the Illinois College Republican Foundation. Originally from Indianapolis, Mick now finds himself living in Illinois in the 7th Congressional District with the current job of working for the Joe Walsh re-election team. He hopes in the future he can help get more Republicans get elected in Illinois.

Anthony Barry- is a 25-year-old staffer for Congressman Joe Walsh. Anthony is from Yorkville, which is in Kendall County and in the 14th Congressional District. While his short term goal is to get Joe Walsh re-elected to congress, his long term goal is to restore America back to the way the founders intended it to be.

Jon McLean-is a 29-year-old who is currently the Chairman of the St. Clair County Republican Party. He lives in Belleville in the 12th Congressional District with his two daughters and wife. His goal as chairman has been to get more Republicans elected to the St. Clair County Board, whose chairman position he is currently running for.

Adam Brown- is a 26-year-old farmer and State Representative from Decatur, IL. Adam currently represents the citizens of the 101stDistrict, but he will be shifted to the 102nd district with the new maps. Adam lives in the 13th Congressional District with his wife Stephanie and is the youngest member of the general assembly. Before becoming a state representative, Adam served as a Decatur City Councilman. In the future, he plans to advance a pro-jobs agenda that allows families and businesses to prosper in Illinois. Adam would like to lessen the burden of government red-tape and eliminate abuses of our tax dollars.

Terry Schilling- is a 25-year-old from the 17th Congressional District, where he lives in Genesco with his wife Kaite and his two young daughters. He currently serves as Campaign Manager for Bobby Schilling’s re-election bid in the 17th District. In 2010, Terry laid the grown work for Congressman Schilling’s win against Democrat Phil Hare. His future goal is to turn the country around by electing conservatives to as many public offices as possible.

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