Thank You Paul Youngblood and everyone at WNTA


WNTA 1330Although I have been on several radio shows on an online radio station called Blog Talk Radio I had never been on a real radio show in a real studio. This all changed yesterday in Rockford, IL. I arrived at the Maverick Media Headquarters about 15 minutes before I was to go on air. I was led back to Paul Youngblood’s office and we talked and got to know each other before we went on air together. The only pervious time Paul and I talked was on facebook messaging back and forth about the details of this upcoming interview. I was nervous coming into the interview because this was live and on a real radio station broadcasted to all the people of Rockford. Paul was very positive and we were both very excited for the interview.

The interview started a few minutes after 3 o’clock pm and before I knew it, it was time for the bottom of the hour break. I was able to explain what the Illinois Conservatives stand for and what we have done to help the conservative cause in Illinois. As we came back on air after the break we had a caller call in and we talked about many of the potential 2012 contenders in the final half-hour.

The one hour interview went very very quickly but it was so much FUN. It made me want my own radio show! :) I hope Paul invites me back some time. It was a lot of fun and truly an honor to be able to talk to the people of Rockford and all the people that were listening to WNTA on the web. Thank You Paul!

Zachary S. Oltmanns
President of the Illinois Conservatives

*Paul Youngblood is on WNTA 1330 AM based in Rockford, IL his show runs from 3-5 M-F*

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